Bar Code Scanner
MS330 scanner

Long Range CCD Bar Code Scanner


The MS330 from B & C Data Systems delivers easy-to-use, reliable performance at an affordable price for bar code reading applications in retail, office automation, post office, healthcare, and many others in light industry.

Reliable Performance

Featuring a built-in long range CCD scan engine, the MS330 provides users with extra depth of field and a scanning width up to 18cm.

The reliable reading and decoding performance makes data collection tasks easier.  A clear and adjustable audio beeper and visible good LED ensure positive feedback to the user.

Configuration of the MS330 bar code scanner is fast and easy, thereby reducing start-up time and cost.  To further redude costs, the MS330 has an interchangeable cable design, which allows users to change interfaces by little more than replacing a cable.

Rugged Design

To minimize down time, the rugged MS330 is designed to withstand a 5 foot (1.5 meter) drop test.  ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) protection from 8KV Contact and 12KV Air.

User Friendly

Rugged, yet ergonomic and light design makes the MS330 a user-friendly bar code scanner.  The gun design helps users to operate the MS330 comfortably for bar code reading in non-desktop applications.  A stylish hands-free stand makes desktop applications really easy.

Bar Code Reader

MS330 Bar Code Scanner Specs


Barcode CCD Scanner Bundled With Cable
MS330-1K $219
  MS330-1 with 1550-210435 Keyboard Wedge Cable
MS330-1R $229
  MS330-1 with 1550-201609 RS232 Cable
(might require power supply)
MS330-1U $229
  MS330-1 with 1550-201623 USB Cable
MS330-1U $229
  MS330-1 with 1550-201622 HHLC (Wand) Cable

or call (541) 601-8282 for more information on the MS300 Bar Code Scanner.

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